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Channie C. Centara is the ambassador for Universal White Time Healing on planet Earth and the Supreme teacher for Sweden. She is the one who trains all the Head Teachers World-wide. Her understanding of the Cosmos is very deep, yet she is very humble.

Channie was raised in Sweden and had her first meeting with physical Extraterrestrials when she was 5 years old. Channie travels physically and spiritually to many other worlds and has had physical contact on earth and on other worlds with Extraterrestrials from the Light and Love side, Angels, Archangels and Light Beings.

Channie works on Earth gathering and teaching the people who are helping our present Earth to transform. She is a teacher of Universal Knowledge in a multitude of areas: science, technology, languages, spirituality, as well as Universal White Time Healing and White Time Gemstone healing. She works with scientists to give them knowledge and greater understanding about life. Channie also speaks over 36 different languages from different planets, including the oldest language in the Universe, Universal Vibrational Language. The symbols used in Universal White Time are from this language.

Channie has authored a number of books about her true encounters on other worlds. The higher frequencies and encodements in Channie's works bring shifts and openings to the reader. The two books that have been translated into English are "Diary of an Extraterrestrial" and "My Angel Diary". (They are both available at There are also a series of ten transcripts available at Wistancia's web site from lectures given by Channie. Titles include: "Creation", "Extraterrestrials", "Our Universe", "Angelic Realms", "Light Beings" "Hidden Knowledge", "Personal Growth", Higher Self-Reincarnation", "The New Earth", and "Higher Truth".

Also there is a Gemstone book, working within the White Time Philosophy which is available at

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