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Contact Healing Sessions

A contact session will last at least an hour, quite often longer depending on any issues that may come up or need to be worked on. You do not need to undress, but you will be asked to remove your watch and shoes. It is better that you don't wear anything red.

There is a laying on of hands to direct the flow of White Time energy, but no intimate areas are touched.

A contact healing is very relaxing, but will also work at a much deeper level too.

It is advised that you discuss any other healing techniques you have had recently to ensure your session is tailor made for you as an individual, and that the correct information can be given to you.

White Time Healing is the safest form of healing known and you can never overdose on it. It is recommended that you leave a day in-between any other healing techniques that work with the body's energy system, therapies that work with bodily functions such as massage can be done on the same day if needed, but with two hours between therapies and with White Time being the second session taken. It is advised to have no more than two therapies on the same day, but if you wanted more than one session of White Time on the same day, up to 3 sessions can be given with 2 hours between each session.

All you need to do is lay on the treatment couch, relax and enjoy. Sometimes you may fall asleep and that is just fine, who knows what you may experience and where you may travel.

There are many techniques I can work with within White Time, some very deep, cleansing energy work to make a positive change in your life.

Distance Healing Sessions

Distance Healing works remotely, which means you do not need to travel to me for a session, but can sit in the comfort of your own home and receive the healing as it is sent energetically or psychically, you can say. This form of healing is just as strong and powerful as a contact session, and in certain situations is actually preferable. Again this healing session will be tailor made after discussing your individual

requirements. You can have a one off session, or arrange for a month's healing which is like having your own healing line 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. During this time you can contact me by email or phone to discuss your feelings and progress you are making.

Distance healing can be sent to a person, animal, plant or nature and even to a situation, there are no limits to how White Time Healing can enrich your life, we only need to be creative in our thoughts with how and what we ask for help with.

White Time Healing is an intelligent force and if you really can't put your finger on the problem, it will go where it is needed.

The only time White Time does not heal an issue, is if it is Karma related, then that can be discussed and healing can be put into helping to deal with the Karmic issue.

You can go about your normal business while the healing is conducted or we can arrange a time when you can sit quietly while I send the healing, if you are sensitive to energies you can feel the healing being sent. Everyone is different and even if you don't feel it, believe me it is still working deeply and for your best outcome.

Gemstone Healing & Layouts

Gemstone Healing can be worked with on contact and also distance. You choose. There are many gemstone layouts to choose from which can address many issues, but also for relaxation, to experience different energies and open up spiritually.

All Gemstone work I practice is within the White Time Philosophy. Much care needs to be taken when working with Gemstones as these are very powerful tools which deserve our respect.

(See Gemstone Layout page.)

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