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House & Property Clearing / Cleansing

Working with White Time we can offer a spiritual / energetic clearing of your home or other properties. This is something that is so good to do occasionally as an energetic "spring clean" and then we will work with White Time to build up fresh and beautiful energies in the area we have cleansed. This is also a good idea when wanting to sell your house.

Of course a spiritual / energetic clearing works extremely effectively if you feel that you have a negative energy in your property and want to clear that also.

We work methodically through the property from top to bottom for a full clearing or can do a single room if you feel that there is a problem in just the one area, although it is always advised to have a full clearing.

Depending on what we feel the issue may be and the size of the property, a clearing can take anything from an hour to a full day and is priced individually, we will not know how long it will take to complete until we have assessed the situation and discussed your requirements with you. Then we can put together a package tailored to your needs.

Call out / assessment fee £25 (if you choose to use our service and pay in advance, this fee will not apply)

Feel free to call for a chat about your individual requirements or email for further advice.

01704 871500

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