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New Earth

The following is a Transcrpit from Channie Cha speaking about the New Earth…

What is the New Earth? Well the New Earth is something totally beautiful and wonderful. And nothing to be afraid of or nothing to feel strange about in any way. Because it is one step for our great, wonderful Mother Earth to take. A beautiful step into something new and exciting for all of us. And all of the creatures who are living on the Earth are going to be with us. They are going to come with us up to the New Earth, to the new level. It is transformation and many of you have already heard about Earth being transformed into something beautiful and new. But many of you haven't quite realized what it is. And by this I just want to explain for you how I see it with the contacts I have and with those who I speak with in the Universe. The Extraterrestrials, the Light Beings and the Angels, and Mother Earth herself have spoken of this to me and to many many more. And I just want to share with you.

So, the New Earth! Well the New Earth is something in a different dimension. Mother Earth has created with God and with the Divine Forces, a new planet, a new frequency, a beautiful place that is bigger than the Earth that we have. A wonderful place where She has to, after a while, sort of go over to that part Herself, with her Spirit and with her Soul. And it is going to be like the two planets – the one in one dimension (that we call the New Earth) and this old one – are going to go through each other, first meeting, touching aura to aura and then – go then go through each other very slowly, and coming out the other side. And then Mother Earth taking her rightful place in the higher frequency and vibration of The New Earth. Her Soul and Spirit will stay in the New Earth with us being living on the outside of the New Earth. And all of the plants and animals and beautiful things – we take with us.

It is going to be a big change and many things are going to happen. And many things we can't take with us. But there are so many things that we can. And we are meeting in a new Era of Mankind, of everything, in a total blissful, wonderful future that is just exactly what She wants for us to have. And also the Divine Forces and everything else wants us to be a part of this.

So, where are we now? What has happened? Well, now in this moment of time the two auras have met! The New Earth has touched the Old Earth with its aura reaching out, touching and just trying to, sort of, feel their way through all the layers that are. They are meeting, just as an embracing of each other. A touching. A frequency through Time and Space, and dimensions they meet. In these wonderful moments there are a lot of signs and things that are happening that could be a little strange for us. That we could see and maybe be a little worried about what it could be. If you look up into the sky and you see signs in the clouds – if you see the clouds being different then they usually were before – or if you see the Sun being whiter and brighter than you have ever seen it before – or if you see spirals and sparks within the sky at noon or in the mid day, -- this comes from the auras meeting. This comes from the beautiful touch between dimensions. It will be a long time before actually the planets sort of touch each other and go through each other. But before that, there are many, many steps of things that they have to sort of do, with this touching of auras. And I just want you to start looking around. Start seeing things. If you already haven't seen it, of course, start to look around and see if you can see the small, beautiful changes that come with this. You can see it in Nature around leaves, trees, and plants. Start to see maybe like a little gold shimmer. Not a normal aura but more like something new, something different sparking. Like sparks of light that are different. And if you see to yourself you will see that you yourself actually have also changed!

There is something called chakras within us and those are now more than they were before. We have taken in more chakras. Those that were above our crown chakra have gone down within our body. Those that were below our base chakra have reached up and touched us in the legs, by the knee, ankles, and under the feet. So many exciting, beautiful things are happening. And in the middle of everything, we stand and we feel and we see. We are part of it, of everything happening. This is a very exciting time to live in. And you are in the middle of it. And you can experience it. I ask you, if you have time, go out in Nature. Go out and see the sky. See if you can see the wonderful, small spirals of light that are out there because of the touching of auras. See if you can feel and see Nature sort of reaching out for the new to come. It is almost like everything is reaching up, trying to reach to the New Earth! Stretching out its arms to touch. It is a beautiful thing taking place and you are a part of it! And by just being out there in Nature, you can really feel this!

I give you a warm hug and a warm thought. And a lot of love. And I say, "I hope you will see and understand. And I hope that you could feel that you are a part of this. And if you don't, try anyhow to open your mind for it. Just a little bit. It takes so little…

Bye from me, from Channie…

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