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Hi my name is Karen, welcome.

There is so much that could be said about Universal White Time, depending on how deep you wish to search. The world is undergoing such dramatic change and more people are looking for the truth and opening up to the wonders of the universe, there is so much on offer to help, I would advise that you feel into what sits right for you, it is your choice. I hope you find some answers here.

White Time is so much more than just a healing modality, and the very best way to begin to understand it is to experience it for yourself, whether you choose a contact healing session, distance healing, a Gemstone Layout or take a class to become a healer yourself. There is much to choose from.

White Time is a true universal force and is part of the very fabric of our creation and all physical creation, in fact of life itself and the life behind all life, but don't feel overwhelmed by this statement. You don't need to have any understanding of this to benefit from this wonderful energy and healing experience.

White Time is a powerful yet gentle energy, it is the safest healing known and also very protected. This means it cannot be altered or manipulated and therefore cannot be contaminated in any way. This benefits both healer and client as there is no transference of personal issues, debris etc, and the healer is working with a universal force and not their own personal life force which also gives the healer healing at the same time. This energy is always pure and totally loving.

The energy of White Time itself contains more than we as humans could currently comprehend, for it contains within it all colours, tones, frequencies and all units of time, past, present and future. In fact it contains all possibilities in physical creation…..

It is the energy worked with by all of the Masters, Archangels, Angels, Light beings, Light Extraterrestrials, and even your guides work with it.

So if you want a relaxing, pampering experience to replenish your energies or you want to grow spiritually, find answers to your personal questions in life and clear the blocks holding you back, then White Time can and will help with it all.

I look forward to working with and being of service to you.

Ese, Ese, Ese

Total Unconditional Love


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